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Still encrypted Combo's - More Private is not possible
Im currently cleaning my dump folders from the last 2 weeks.
Instead of deleting all unused/encrypted files im gonna sell them!
Offers will change from time to time.
Each Combolist will be only sold 1 time to keep it HQ!

Current offers:

21k German Combo from german furniture shop - encrypted in md5($pass.$salt) --> 10€ Btc
34k Russian Combo from russian audio/tech shop - encrypted in bcrypt $2*$, Blowfish (Unix) --> 17€ Btc
[Image: yrYH59f.gif]

Vouch copy pls
Not rapping about having hoes
Not rapping about being rich
Not rapping about the best cars he owns

[url] [Image: source.gif][/url]


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