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Power Abuse
This "Infinity" member is abusing his power just because hes infinity and im a normal user, this shouldn't be allowed
Im selling spellbreak keys as u can see "https://comboforum.com/Thread-SpellBreak...mes--59706" and this guys just comes and 
"Stop always doing new Threafs and give me a Vouch Copy"
talking like i own him something when i dont. I dont have to give vouchs just because he wants something for free so i replied 
"why should i give you a vouch just buy one, i dont give vouchs"
and he replied with this https://gyazo.com/69651af8d0861b97d3fba4cc3db6ca56 
Talking garbage about my service when he never bought anything from me and saying it's not recomended and shitty service 0/10
All this bullshit just because he was trying to force me to give him something for free and i didnt
Also he -4 rep me because i didn't gave him a free key (whats the logic on that?)
and i cant even give him a -1 rep for his toxic attitude
I think this is an abuse of power and something should be done about this.
He even jokes about him abusing his power
"minus reputation" hes joking about it because hes the reason my rep is negative

edit: okay just to leave it clear
the problem i want to point out isn't all about the reputations, its about his rude attitude like people own him something when we atually don't. and how he reacts to it when we don't give him what he want

this is hes -4 rep: https://gyazo.com/52bfd05c9a256a7833ca7c6cc7140df8
i dont think he haves the right to say what he said taking into account that he never bought anything from me

Reputation has been abused so much to the point that nobody cares about how much reputation you've got. And well, I suggested removing the ability to give reps, but my suggestion was denied. It's a good system but needs some reworking. but for now, there's nothing you can do about it

It's fine dude, none cares about reps.
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See you guys in 4030, if the human race didn't die by then

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Report it as sales trashing.
We must secure the existance of our people and a future for white children.

Retarded people are everywhere. You are not obliged to give any vouch copies and he does not have the right to stalestrash on your thread.
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He deleted his Posts
THANKS to everyone for the support
Im really grateful to see that this type of behaviour don't go unnoticed on the community

Love you all <3


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