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Ban by bRanDonElpApIh
THREAD TITLE: Usernames's Ban Appeal bRanDonElpApIh
Profile link: http://https://comboforum...58
Ban date: 02/03/2019
Reason of the ban: I still do not have it clear, I think that by putting inappropriate material
Who banned you: Am1nol
Did you read the forum rules after being banned: Yes (Yes/No)
Why do you think that you should be unbanned: My intention was to collaborate on the page, I do not come to harm anyone or anything like that, for something I'm presenting this
Additional information: Excuse me, if at some point I did misunderstand as I said before I just came to contribute to the page

Basically you were sharing many tools without having any VT's at all and sharing rapeflix isn't allowed here.
[url][Image: si6wt4r.gif][/url]

understood, I'm really sorry I did not know

Is there any way to fix it? I just wanted to contribute to the web nothing more[/hr]

Ban lifted please read all of the rules.
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