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Warz 1.4 - IPS 4
[Image: 4.png.205af0e9fedd6f973e1d2fe6980c59c5.png]

About This File

Warz, it's crafted for all categoryes ( gaming / business e.t.c )


- It's the first release, so if you see some bugs just give me a pm here.
- If you want to change body / background / top / footer, give me a pm.
- Theme it’s made with profile in topic ( so you don’t need to install plugins for that )
- For footer i used ( general statistics widget, members widget, who’s online widget )
- For sidebar i used ( top contributors, topic and post feed widgets )
- For minor changes im open for free ( so just give me a pm )

Demo / Info:

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iLOVE IT I gived the like

Thanks youuuuu

Cheers mate

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