On our casino platform, you can organize: Online casino, or club casino.
The online version of the casino has methods of accepting payments in BTC, and this casino is called online crypto casino.
On our platform you can organize a club casino and connect computer clubs.
The platform has 1,092 games with source code from popular gaming companies.
New games, Cool graphics and sound, Well entices players to play, play, and play.
All games are written with the latest html5 technologies and do not require Adobe Flash Player!
System security is well designed and tested, and has a high level of protection.
The whole platform has source code and you can modify any file without restrictions and design.
Our platform has no domain restrictions!
5 levels of management: Administrator, Agent, Cashier, Shop, Player,
Multi monetary denomination.
Cryptocurrency Modules (BitCoin)
Adjustable casino profitability percentage!
Fully designed and tested casino math and logic, ... and much more.
Professional platform for business.
You can organize a profitable business in a club casino, or an online casino.
The price is adequate and affordable for every client.
Online casino is your decision.

Offline casino video review: https://tube.xy-space.de/w/6C1cUmsb7A4GVhieWZLP5n
Online casino video  review: https://tube.xy-space.de/w/b9hbjEtvJJkY6oRSQX1nnu

Write to us at the contacts below, we are always glad to our clients!
Using these contacts you can ask us for a demo version of the online casino club and the offline club.

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