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Hi the forum
I have chosen to share with you today, the methods that have helped me the most to get money in the easiest way possible !!! ?

I give you this e-book in text because many people don't want to download for be virus free !

+ Complete and fully detailed advice
+ Proof of earnings
+ A similar application to earn even more

And many others ways to earn with your smartphone and your computer.

Just follow all the steps and tips like I suggest for a better income !

Withdrawal methods :

v-bucks available, STEAM card, VISA card, AMAZON.COM card, STEAM, Blizzard, Netflix, Google Play, Spotify, Apple, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo
And finally in Skins CS GO, Valorant, Fortnite, Roblox, League of Legends.

What you need :

⦁ A computer or smartphone
⦁ A Browser
⦁ An internet connection
⦁ Crypto Wallet, paypal or earn with giftcard

The Method :

How I earned $0.50/day in passive & +$100 with the easiest pay site in the world !

Presentation :

This is a GPT type site.

This site offers users all types of offers, which make you earn coins (10 coins = $0.01).

According to the offers, you are credited instantly.

Withdrawal methods :

Paypal withdrawal and also,

Payment via COINBASE from 0.03$ in BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE

But also v-bucks available, STEAM card, VISA card, AMAZON.COM card, STEAM, Blizzard, Netflix, Google Play, Spotify, Apple, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo

And finally in Skins CS GO, Valorant, Fortnite, Roblox, League of Legends.

The minimum to get paid is 30 coins, and a little more depending on the payment method.

Payment requests are on average made within 24 hours.

Make a lot of passive money with paid videos :

I also earn a lot, about 0,40$/day by leaving in the background the videos shot and the special daily bonus which is added to the one of the site ! For the bonus you have to register through this link.

You have to press "reward" every day and "add" for the daily code that gives money and level !

All you have to do now is to withdraw from the paid streaming application on the site.

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10 Coins = 0,01$

Just my redeem of a day !

[Image: rogn-hideout-tv-gain-journalier-Copie.png]

Offered for you at registration :

+ 100 coins to register (0.10 USD) for free through my link
+ 100 coins to follow them on twitter
+ 250 coins to download their ios/android application
+ 10 coins per day in "rewards", with + 1 extra corner per day per level obtained for a maximum of 100 coins per day without doing anything !
+ 100 Promocode l4ki7
= + 560 coins from the beginning without effort ! So $0.56 offered !!!

[Image: 0-10-par-jours.png]

( When you earn 100$ with this app you earn 0,10$ all the days for life like this  proof of earning show you )

My tips to always earn more :

WARNING: The offers on smartphone and the web version on computers are different, think to look at the 2 to have more offers possible.

There are many offers on the site, so multiple solutions to earn some money. Of course it is very fast to reach the payment threshold and it is super well paid because it is rare in this sector to have such well paid tasks!

My trick is to make offers registration by e-mail (created for the occasion with gmx) paid

Offer download and launch application or games paid

See also the offers download and launch application or games and connect several days in a row to be paid

I also like the offers that pay to earn money on another application so I double my earnings!

It is also possible to earn money by reaching goals on applications or games and it pays a lot but it's harder.

Or paid surveys, but except those unique to participate in contests very few pay.

If you don't receive your credit, never hesitate to contact the support they are pro !

Fast offers that pay well :

I use with ayet studio media quizz ( Just for e-mail confirmation ) ( 473 ) + toluna influencers ( Just for e-mail confirmation and 1 poll ) ( 1892 ) + Quickthroughts ( Just for a poll 3 days later ) ( 1892 ) + audible ( Free trial to run ) ( 2522 ) + yahtzee ( 6305 ) + blackack 21 ( 1892 ) + Texas hold em ( 1892 ) + Harvestland ( 441 ) + Idle Miner ( 1387 ) +

PC lineage 2 ( Just to open the application 2 days in a row ) ( 2838 )

PC World of warships ( For 5 wins )( 3783 )

Then I use with Adgem Cash Empire ( Just to leave the game 1h ) ( 1566 ) + Coin master ( 4176 ) + Paris city adventure ( 940 ) + hard rock blackjack ( 9396 ) + LocoBingo ( 261 )

And finally Revenue Universe La Redoute ( Just to open the application ) ( 150 ) + cdiscount ( Just to open the application ) ( 240 ) + wishizz ( Just to open the application ) ( 150 ) + Vantage FX ( Just to open the application ) ( 105 )

PC Ragnarock Online

( Just for opening the application 2 days in a row ) ( 1590 )

Free paid trial offers are well paid and fast !

Concerning the surveys :

I really like the paid surveys from bitlab that pay very often and well then those from CPX research that pay very often compensations that can amount to more than 100 credits, but also those that are personalized and those that pay 1$ that my other favorite surveys with the daily or not surveys from revenue universe that are very well paid too and often accéptés. To quickly climb the daily pay levels up to $0.10/day is a very advantageous and quickly rewarding part !

Earnings from competitive rankings :

Not to mention the daily ranking, which offers $50 to the best performer and distributes $500 to the top 250.

And the monthly ranking which gives $250 to the best performer of the month and distributes $2,500 to the best 250.

The website is in English.
Other similar website with a signup bonus too with my link !