This method works everywhere in the world, no need to invest and it's legal !
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Hello the world
Today I have chosen to share with you the methods that have helped me the most to generate a very consistent passive income in the easiest way !!!  

I give you  " Money Automatic " in text because many people don't want to download for be virus free !

This tutorial gives a lot of precious advice to optimize your passive earnings with applications that can generate me in total passive mode :
Up to 3.5$/day without even using one of my many tips for the new application that will be presented to you first,
Minimum withdrawal amounts of as little as $1 and $2 for some,
And even sign-up bonus of up to $5 !

But above all, they can work and multiply their passive income together, without any embarrassment !
With also great methods to multiply this money many times over, in different ways, all these methods adding up without any hindrance between them !!!

What you need :

⦁ A computer or/and a smartphone
⦁ A Browser
⦁ An internet connection
⦁ Paypal account or/and Cryptocurrency Wallet account etc ...

The Method :

Ultimate way for aiming $100/day masterplan !

Presentation :

Works all over the world and is legal

I will give you with this guide the best passive pay apps that works combined for me and how to maximize earnings in the best ways !

You share your bandwidth for a certain amount of money and you earn a bonus for signup.

You will be paid differently depending on the type of network you have. The other types of network / IP are still paid per GB.

What you need to do to start generating revenue is to create a free account and install the software and you will automatically share your Internet connection with them.


The best it's that you can download all the apps and use them simultaneously without a problem.

You can make a withdrawal request when you reach the minimum payment.

The most remunerative ( 3,5$/day) !

This application is by far the most profitable with an easy 3,5$/day.

It is compatible with multiple computer operating systems Windows, Mac and Linux.

Just to take advantage of this big passive revenue is to register for free on their website and download their application in "Supported platform" at the bottom of the dashboard.

Finally once done install the application and log in with the same account as previously created on their website, and there you go ! All you have to do is let it run !

Payment method :

After all these tasks accomplished, go to their website is on your dashboard on it.
There at the bottom of "current balance" you just have to enter the paypal email address of your account in "auto redeem" and every 5$ paypal earned they will be directly paid on your paypal.

Lowest withdrawal minimum $2 !

It's compatible with multiple computer operating systems Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and Linux.

And it is also compatible with smartphones Android, which will arrange us we will see !

For use it, go register and download the application in " Download/install" and install it.

For finish connect with the same account on the application and it's all, now forget  !

Payment method :

$2 - $68
$2 - $206
Bank Card:
$14 - $687
$2 - $206
$2 - $206
$6 - $5865
$2 - $2232
$517 - $2152
Coinbase USDC:
$2 - $2000
$2 - $206

The biggest sign-up bonus 5$ !

Compatible with multiple computer operating systems Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and Linux.

Compatibe too with smartphone Android and IOS.

For this last website go here for signup for earn the 5$ and after this go download the application in " downloap app ".

Now install the appication and connect in the app with the same account that you use for register to the website.

And don't forget with this application you earn a connect reward daily in $ !

Payment method :

When you have reached $20 you have to withdraw your earnings to your paypal account.

Tips :

For increase your earning it's best to know :

- It's best by wire than wifi.
- If Wifi moving your devices near the router to make the internet stable.
-Don't download and don't use so much your browser for a better speed of internet and have a better earning.
- Use your account and application with multiple computers and smartphone for a best earning.
- Don't use a VPN at the same time.
- Use the mobile data of your smartphone if you have enough at the end of the month for earn a good amount for your last GB !
- Install on your closest person (if they don't mind ofc) like your parents or siblings and log in using your account. The applications don't use so much ram or internet.
- Create post on facebook, twitter, reddit, etc ... for earn referral. Some have a referral systement where you earn from the referral of your referral !!!

My big list of website for referral :

Exist a good referral system for this big passive earning than use this :

- warriorforum.com
- ukbusinessforums.co.uk/forums/
- blackhatworld.com
- forums.digitalpoint.com
- webmasterworld.com
- wickedfire.com
- v7n.com/forums
- forums.seochat.com
- affilorama.com/forum
- cpaelites.com
- affiliatefix.com

Share in PDF or in other way.

Multiply your earning with VPS :

No need to put real information you can generate one in fakenamegenerator,
at the time of payment we will need a VCC with at least $ 1 loaded on it. (that $ 1 will be returned to us)

Than we go to Microsoft Azure or Amazon aws ec2 and register with these false information,

In all the vps that we obtain, we must install all the application that we use and connect.

Now you should have in the " MY NETWORK " section a important list of different IPS working for you project.

You can use this method following the same steps to the following APP that work the same (being you the VPN) and installing it on the same VPS.

Similar applications that did not work in combination for me :

I give you all the alternative with the signup bonus if you want to try too ;

- Packetsteam minimum cashout is 5$ and the only payout method is PayPal.
- IPawnRoyal 1$ signup bonus and min cashout is 5$ and the payout methods are with PayPal or BTC.
- pider 5$ free signup bonus minimum cashout is 20$ and the only payout method is PayPal.
- loodteam 0,20$ signup bonus min cashout 1$ only with paypal
- Nanowire and Privatix but they are way less controlled than the other.